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Hi, my name is Nick Elis and I am an Area Manager in Iowa City, Iowa. 

My work schedule is very flexible which gives me time to make a great living and spend time with my family.

The Problem With Most People Is - They Don't Aim To High And Miss! - They Aim To Low And Hit!

Customers saves money every time they ride.

Drivers (Partners) pay is unlimited, you set your own hours.

Get paid weekly, Refer Drivers (Partners) make up to 100,000 per year. 

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Must be self-motivated: You have to believe in yourself.

Must be self-motivated, a self-starter and outgoing and can handle large volumes of work. Must have some experience in marketing and love to work people. 

Must be willing to Be Your Own Boss and set your own scheduleHere is how it works, your job is to manage your area, let’s say a fifty-mile radius. One of your main responsibility is to recruit business

Drivers (Workers) and Riders (Customers).  Here is the part you’ve been waiting for the money.  You will be paid on a 5% percent rating scale.  

Let’s said that you refer (recruit) 10 drivers a week, and the drivers are using MyRIDI app as the vehicle to gain business transporting customers (Riders), makes $400.00 a day, your percentage is 5%. 

Once the drivers has transported up to 10 customers (Riders) on separate occasions, this is per driver that you referred (recruited), you will nolonger receive income from MyRIDI for those referrals.  

The drivers you refer (recruit) is how you get paid upto $100,000 dollars a year.  As Long as you continue to work with MyRIDI LLC as an Independent Contractor, the income never stops coming in. Remember you are responsible for bring in new business, 

Drivers (Workers) and Riders (Customers) and managing your area according to the terms and agreement of MyRIDI’s  company policy’s which can change daily. It is your responsibility to keep up with the company’s policy’s.

So, let’s take a closer look at your income.

Let’s say you recruited 10 drivers and each driver made $400.00 a day, using MyRIDI’s APP transporting customers. 

You just made 5% from each driver you referred, that is $20.00 times 10 drivers equals $200.00 a day you will receive.

Multiply that by 5 days a week that is $1000.00 a week.

Let’s take this a step further, multiply 4 weeks times $1000.00 you will get paid $4000.00 a month.

Think of it this way the more Drivers you refer (recruit) and the more Customers (Riders) they transport, the more money you will make!

Let’s take this one more step further as you continue to bring in new business Drivers, and Customers (Riders) keep riding your income only gets better.

Let’s say that you referred (recruited) 20 drivers and each driver made $400.00 a day, using MyRIDI’s APP transporting customers. 

That is $40.00 times 10 drivers equals $400.00 a day for you.

Let’s multiply that by 5 days a week that is $2000.00 a week.

Let’s take this a step further, multiply 4 weeks times $2000.00 you will get paid $8000.00 a month.

So the next time someone ask you, what do you do! You tell them, I’m an Independent Contractor!  I work for myself and set my own hours!

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 I Passionately Believe If You Are Confident In What You Do, Will Bring Out Your Good Growth Marketing Essentials.